Juwai Teer Results Today


Juwai teer lottery result is updated on many social platforms, newspaper news channels, and different media groups daily. We are also providing you the today result of the Juwai teer lottery. Besides providing the result, we will also guide you about the lottery rules.

The result is the correct number of arrows that have reached their destination in the shooting arena. The decision of the winner is simple; if your selected number is correct, you will be the winner; otherwise, you will be the loser. There is no third option for anyone. The result is a yes or no based result.

Juwai Teer Evening Result List For Today

First Round (3:30pm)Second Round (4:30pm)

During the Juwai festival of Meghalaya, the Juwai Teer game takes place. Those who are successful in aiming their arrows and shooting the target will receive prizes. The sport is similar to archery. In addition to the Juwai Teer result, you can also find Juwai Teer’s old result list, house ending, and common number. On our website, Juwai teer results are published on a daily basis. The site contains other teer results such as the Khanapara Teer result today, Shillong Teer result, Meghalaya Teer result today.

Juwai Teer Morning Result List For Today

First Round (10:35 am)Second Round (11:35pm)

Juwai teer

1st round= 10:30 AM

2nd round=11:30 AM

Juwai teer Evening/Afternoon

1st round= 02:15 PM

2nd round=03:00 PM

Lotteries in India

In India, there are different states in which lotteries are completely banned. However, there are some states in which lotteries have been played for past more than 100 years. This is because these states of India are confused about the difference between gambling and lottery. The lottery is legal, and gambling is completely banned inside India. International lotteries are almost gambling’s

Therefore most international lotteries are banned in some states of India. However, fewer states allowed them to play. In the article India act 1970, they allowed the lottery games but didn’t the gambling games. Local lotteries played by Indians are mostly physical. Still, after the Internet revolution, most of these distributors also started providing their services online.

Juwai Teer Lottery

Juwai teer lottery is one of the most famous online lotteries played all over India. A group of shooters plays it in a specific area of a city in which it is completely legal. 

And the player from the other states of India bet on it by using their online accounts. The system of sales, purchase of tickets, and distribution of prizes, everything is done online.

The game is so easy and convenient that its demands are increasing daily. Even foreign investors are also interested in Indian lotteries. In a country like India, where joblessness is the major issue of the younger generation, everyone wants to become rich. At that time, lotteries and the stock market are the most shining source of earning for these young stars. The Juwai teer lottery is also related to Indian culture. 

In India, many religious figures use old weapons in their fights. Arrow is also one of them. In the Juwai teer lottery, you have to guess the number of arrows shot and reach their destination within the given time. It is another reason that the youth of India is interested in this lottery.

In Meghalaya, Juwai Teer is a game played by many people to win prizes. Juwai Teer officials award winners of the Juwai Teer games a cash prize. Juwai teer results are released once a day and are usually referred to as morning results. The development of the Morning Juwai Teer can be found on this page. 

As you may not play this game in other states, you have to be from Meghalaya to enjoy the Juwai Teer game. Therefore, you will have to guess the correct number, and if you are right, you will win and get paid accordingly. In general, people can bid on any number from 0 to 99. You can find the result of Juwai Teer here. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:15 pm and 2:45 pm, Juwai Teer’s results are updated. 

Keep track of the latest updates by bookmarking the Juwai Teer tab. To claim your prize, you must check your ticket number with the result given in the table, and if your target number matches the result, you will be able to claim the Juwai Teer prize.

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What is the Juwai teer Lottery?

Name of Game

Juwai Teer

Play Date

2 January

Morning Result Time

10:30 AM, 11:30 AM

Previous Results

Check Above



Result Status


Prize Money

Upto 5000 Per Number

The Juwai Teer lottery is a game involving archery, and it is held in Shillong by one of the club’s archery teams, a part of the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association, which is one of a group of 12 clubs in that area. Each day, 50 archers will shoot 30 arrows at 3:50pm and 20 indicators at 4:25pm. This game also has significant target figures, just like all the other teer games of other states. Before attending a teer game, you should do some research. Identify the target number and behave accordingly when playing. 

The archery game has been played in Meghalaya since ancient times. There are Jantai hills in India where it originated. Since the beginning of the archery game in this city, the people have loved it. In the teer counters are displayed daily Jowai night teer results. The trend towards checking the final archery results online has grown as technology has developed. Listed below are all the details you need to know about the Juwai game.

What is the timing of the Juwai teer lottery?

Playing Juwai Teer six days a week is a weekly ritual. The game is played on a daily basis, from Monday through Saturday. The game is not played on Sundays. During the weekdays, results are released at 2:45 pm and 1:45 pm for the Juwai Teer lottery game. Polo Grounds in Juwai is the location for the archery session. 

juwai teer result teerstoday.in

Ticket booking counters for Juwai Teer are found in 15 districts of Meghalaya. Monday through Saturday (from 15 am to 5 pm), ticket sales begin. Juwai TEER lottery tickets range from Rs 1 to Rs 150 if you want to play them. The Juwai TEER lottery game determines winners by counting the number of arrows. During the first and second rounds, the winner will be the one who correctly predicts the number of arrows fired.

Why Teer Lottery 

Many questions arise among the new players about why they prefer the teer lottery over other lotteries. One of the main reasons is that it is one of the simplest lotteries available. There is also no chance of cheating in it. The game is also totally pure. The teer lottery is one of the registered lotteries in India.

Besides this, the teer lottery community is one of India’s biggest communities. When the community inside any game is stronger, the chance of wrong policies and false detection from your prizes is very low. Therefore we also prefer you to play this lottery. The success of this lottery in India was proven.

Juwai Teer, It’s Today’s Result

Juwai or Jowai are both terms used to refer to this lottery. But the more common term is Juwai. It is named after Jowai, the headquarters of a hill station in the district of the state of Meghalaya. It was named on it because it was initially played here by locals. Nowadays, this lottery game is also played online by players from all around India.

Like other teer lotteries, the Juwai teer lottery is also played twice daily. Once, it is played by the name of Juwai teer, and secondly, it is played by the name of Juwai teer evening or afternoon. Both these draws include the first round and second round. You can play in any of them. Here for your convenience, we have the Today result of both morning and evening draws.

What is Juwai Teer Counter?

In Juwai Teer Counter, the Juwai teer hit numbers are taken into account to calculate the results. The Teer counters are generally located around Juwai Teer, where the game is meant to be played. Juwai teer result is declared after the teer counter records all the teer shots by the archers. We will keep you updated with the Juwai Teer Results here, so please visit our website regularly to stay informed. You can find Juwai morning teer results and Juwai teer target numbers on this page.

What are Juwai Teer Target Numbers?

Shooting and archery games have obvious word targets. There are targets for Juwai Teer that are published every day as Juwai Teer results. If the Juwai Teer game participants can hit a target with their teer, then they are the winners. Archery has its own culture and traditions originating in history. It is a game of aiming arrows at targets. There have been archery games throughout history in which kings and armies shot teer at enemy soldiers and wild animals. Unlike Juwai teer, where the winner receives a reward.

What are the ways to check Juwai Teer Results?

The Juwai Teer result is of great interest to the game participants. The Juwai Teer Result is available here for those who are interested. Many results are available on our website, including the Khanapara Teer Result, the Meghalaya Teer Result, the Arunachal Teer Result, and the Kolkata Fatafat Result.


To play the Juwai teer lottery, you have an online portal or account. If you don’t have these portals accountant with you, you must create them first. After creating these accounts or the portal you are using, you must deposit cash in your account. Without cash, you cannot play any bet. 

The online teer app is one of the most famous apps used by most Indians for this purpose. You can also use it. In the next step, select the bet you will play. There are different bets ranging from ₹10 to ₹100 investment. If you are a new player, we will recommend you to start from a bet of lesser investment.  

The betting structure of the Juwai teer lottery is the same for all bets. For example, if you win the bet, you will get 30% more time than your investment; if you invest the ₹10, you will get ₹300. In case you invest ₹100, you will get ₹3000.

Many people are confused about whether they can easily get the winning prize if they won the lottery or if it is a difficult task. According to most of the players, it is a simple task to claim your winning reward. If you win, the cash is deposited into your account after a few minutes of the result.

As we know that in the end, the games of betting are luck dependent. You can improve your skills as much as you want. Therefore, try to be with your luck to increase the chance of winning properly. In addition, try the things in games which appeal luckier to you.

Predictions About Juwai Teer Results

Here’s that the number of players in the lottery increases, and the number of competitors also increases. In such a tough competition, predictions are considered the backbone of players. If your prediction is good, the chance of your winning is more. If you cannot predict well, the chance of your winning is less. There are many predictions available on the Internet for free.

Many people are curious about this because they think that when all these predictions are available on the Internet for free, then how can there be a loser. The predictions available on Internet are not 100% accurate. Sometimes these predictions are proven correct. But mostly, they are wrong. There is a large number of players who didn’t follow these predictions. They have created their ones.

Yes, you can also create your predictions. There are many different methods for creating your predictions. You can follow any of them which appeals better to you. But the point is that in the field of lotteries, when there are a large number of players, and you want to be the winner, there is something that must be different in you from them. So try to work hard and improve your skills.